Baul Mon Private Limited

A Centre for Human Mind with Facility for Indoor Treatment of Psychiatric Patients and Addicts (Alcohol and others)

About Baul Mon

Baul Mon Private Limited “Baul Mon” was established in 1978 as a mental Nursing Home by Late Dr. Satrujitsankar Dasgupta. The founder hailed from a family of physicians and beside being a renowned psychiatrist he had a larger self who spent his life in quest of knowledge and had unlimited love for humanity. So, from the very beginning Baul Mon was not a Nursing Home for solely financial gains but with a vision to help people in need.

Through years Baul Mon has grown end evolved. It is at present steered by Dr. Sarmistha Dasgupta (Mrs. Roy), daughter of the founder.

Blowing our own trumpet is not very easy but since there is no way out, let me try. We are a group of people, of different age group, from different educational background and different social background as well with a common goal to assist persons with mental problems and addiction and their family or spouse to lead a meaningful life. Though at the heart of the city it is adorned by beautiful flowering climbers. The interior is innovatively designed and soothingly pointed. The Doctors (Psychiatrists), Psychologists, the ward attendants and office staffs are smiling, helpful and looks after the patients round the clock. Our kitchen staff try to give a taste of individual care and attention. Our office staff and ward attendants keep a close watch individually and try to cater to every patient's particular need.

Basically, we have indoor facility for treating mental patients, drug and alcohol addicts. But it is a treatment with a difference, We take individual care. We use AYUSH along with Allopathic system of medicine and with the patients willing we take care of their long term well being.

We have singing lessons every evening. Art classes twice a week and handicraft class once a week. We hold a tea party every evening where we have tea together and interact with each other, discuss news, exchange views, celebrate birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

We also publish a wall magazine named "Rongmashal" monthly with the pictures, prose and poetry by the patients and staff.

All our days are spent in songs, dance and laughter and our motto is “Anandam Sarbameba Hi” (आनंदम सर्बमेबा ही)